Friday, January 03, 2014

Delhi Water Bonus - How true is the AAP promise?

Mr.Kejriwal within probably minutes of coming to power started ticking off the various action points that AAP had defined for itself if it came to power. One of them and possibly the more publicized one along with the electricity charges was the “free water” scheme. Having been staying in Karnataka for a while, this scheme reeked of the Rice@Rs.2” scheme that Congress had publicized before the state elections of this state – and implemented almost as soon as they came to power. Ignoring that fact and ignoring the fact that distributing free water in no way reflects on reduction in corruption (which I will take up later), I decided to calculate how much water an “Aam Aadmi” really uses.

Free water for the “Aam Aadmi” who spend less than 700 liters of water per month. Lets calculate:
  1. Water for bathing: 20 liters (one bucket) per person per day
  2. Water for bathroom: 10 liters (half bucket) per person per day 
  3. Water for cooking: 5 liters per person per day 
  4. Water for drinking: 3 liters per person per day assuming that “Aam Aadmi” cannot afford an RO where water consumption will increase.
Total water consumed per person per day is 38 liters. For a family of 4 (I assume that “Aam Aadmi” in Delhi does not stay in a joint family) for a whole month, this comes to 4560 liters of water per month or 1140 liters of water per month per person. My questions to Mr.Kejriwal would be:

What was the basis for deciding that 700 liters was the quantity of water required for a family of “Aam Aadmis”? Drinking water itself for a family of 4 for a month will take half of that budget. Or are you assuming that the “non-corrupt” “Aam Aadmi” has already tampered with the meter and ensured that he doesn’t get a greater bill?
  1. In my calculations above, I have not assumed the usage of a shower for bathing, a commode for flushing, water for cleaning vegetables or an RO purifier. My assumptions were based on an “Aam Aadmi” who cannot afford any of these. Am I right in these assumptions or should I only include one bottle of water for bathroom?
  2. Have you as an “Aam Aadmi” ever calculated how much water you use?