Sunday, December 11, 2005

Nice day this was... where do i start?

This post is actually a continuum of the last two posts with positive results for both of them. I cant believe that I finally managed to clear a GD. This is a different matter that out of the 9 ppl in my group, 7 were selected (these minor things are better overlooked) but the point is that I cleared! Company is Genpact (GE's BPO) and the pay is good. The interview was also fine...actually i guess my navy background really helps in a lot of places simply because of the reason that the other person surely does not know anything about the field and i can faff to my heart's content :-)

I may or may not get thru but i surely gained some confidence as far as my capabilities regarding my getting placed is concerned.

Dinner ka to pata nahi...but the lunch in the mess was again pretty darn decent. Rajma chawal remains my fav any time anyways and this today was also pretty good...of course not comparable to what i could get in delhi from my mom's hands.

Vaibhav has reached back to delhi from IMA after two terms getting over. Next term he will be the boss in the i remember my days in NAVAC when our sixth termers used to srew us like hell and we had no option but to think of the time when we will be in thr place...that chance never came for me but still.....remember i do...

chalo gd nite for now
till nxt time

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