Sunday, November 19, 2006

Numbers...Salem and more

One month in Chennai has given to me more education in FMCG S&D and a host of other things than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. After all how can anyone find out on their own how pathetic they have been at so many things that they always thought was their forte? Take presentations for that matter....I make a beautiful presentation (according to my mundane standards) and with pride, show it to arnd 3 top-brasses of the company! A royal screw will be a much pleasurable experience compared to what I went through after that. Butchered, annihilated, swashbuckled......these are the words that come to my mind. 24 hours and around 14 hours in front of the computer later, I came up with something completely different. Now that same presentation is doing the rounds of almost everyone on the company's board!!! So one day to learn something so important which I had never realized I did not know for all these years and months as that flashy MBA!!!

Another thought went through my mind while waiting for a table at a very good restaurant (in terms of the mughlai cuisine that they serve). We always seem to feel that a person inside a prison will be spending a life as a number and not as a name. For some time during our lives, almost all of us do have that kind of life in our daily a restaurant, you are known as Table no 4, in a cinema hall u r seat no F42, in a flight u might be what is the diff?

Next stop...Salem for my SO stint!!! Hope to keep upto the reputation that I have created here.


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