Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Seems that all that I can talk about during exam time is related to exams...we had International Finance paper today. I practically started studying yesterday after giving myself the usual kicks in the ass for not having studied till then and how i was going to flunk because of that...(how do i manage to repeat this again and again after promising myself to study as soon as the exams get over...I will never understand)

People all around me were studying like there was no tomorrow or someone will hold back there degrees if they did not study...I couldnt care more it seems...but I did. My paper was at 6:00PM today. Yesterday I decided that i will surely wake up early in the morning and go to the library and study like hell...u thnk that i did not get up eh??? Well i am not that bad....i did get up, had breakfast as soon as the mess opened and even went to the library to study. Sat and studied for some half an hour before the first pangs of sleep hit me. I immediately heeded their advice and dozed off right there......what hapenned after that is history and i prefer not to repeat this part of history ever...

Hope they do not hold back my degree!!!

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