Friday, October 14, 2005

My aim in life

I read a science fiction novel some days (or was it months) back. It talked about time-traveling and how tourists were taken across time to see the dinosaurs and all the other beasts and things that were present in their history. They were not allowed to step on the land in these different times but a floating carpet was spread just above the land on which they could walk. This was done so as not to disturb the balance that was prevalent at that time.

One guy on one such tour mistakenly steps on the grass and kills a butterfly which was sitting there. He gets scared and does not tell anyone. On coming back, they find that the entire world has changed. Things are not as they had left them. Their is a different fascist government, people talk different, houses are different...nothing is the same. The guy understands that it is because of the butterfly that he killed and decides to do something about it.

The novel starts here, my story ends here. My wish is to be like that butterfly. Just imagine the kind of change that occurred over time just because of the absence (or presence) of that butterfly. I want to be a person who brings about a change in the world which will be seen and appreciated. How many people can right now boast of having brought that change? I dunno but I am sure very few. I want to be one of them and that is my target...I want to be the butterfly...

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